Day of the Decade

While I'm contemplating over the next subject matter(s) for my art, I revisited an old Day of the Dead piece I did eight years ago. The woodworking tools I use have shrunk and my application has softened since using hardwood with stain instead of using painted plywood. This gives me the ability to have more detail at a smaller size. The original work was 24 inches by 24 inches, and that was as small as I worked due the loss of detail if I attempted to make art smaller than that. The new version is now two thirds smaller at 8 inches by 8 inches. I still feel I lost some detail going that small, but it turned out a lot better than if I had attempted it in my old carving style, where the image would have been completely unidentifiable. This exercise was more for me to see how far I've come rather than to just make new art... or, make old art... again.



ART214 2019

It was a pleasure to apart of Dallas Arts Month 2019. I was lucky enough to get two pieces included at two different venues for my first time participating. The Moody Performance Hall was a large beautiful building that had nice small lobby areas that housed not much more than twenty pieces in total. All the art was good and very diverse. The South Dallas Cultural Center was more of the standard art gallery and had over sixty amazing pieces on display. The Cultural Center's reception turn out, despite the horrible weather, was great to say the least. Good to mingle with artist and art lovers alike.


Shadow Box Conversion

The past few months I've been converting my older pieces from last year to now have custom made shadow boxes. For my first work to be completed in 2019, "Mother and Child", I decided needed something different than the normal frames I've been making the past five years. (Five years! Wow, time flies.) I took it upon myself to try and make a shadow box for the first time and it ended coming out not too terrible. Over the last month or so I've realized that it involves more woodworking skill but comes together easier than a regular frame now that I've figured out their initial construction. It's one of those things where I kick myself for not attempting to make them sooner because I really like how much depth the shadow boxes give my art.


Moody Performance Hall

So Dallas Arts Month 2019 is now underway. I'm going to be included amongst twenty one other artists at the Moody Performance Hall starting Tuesday, March 26th, through April 19th. Dropping off my art I got to feel the building for the first time and it is impressive. The hall has a vibe that is both theater and museum. I'm excited to see the other art and artists participating in this show and how it all has come together.


"Mary II" The last of this series.

This is the smallest of this series and the smallest art with the shadow box frame that I've made so far, measuring right at 11"x11". I really like the way these three pieces have turned out and how they represent where I'm at currently with my art. For just over a year it's felt like my work has been in a slight creative limbo. Although, upon completing this series, I've had this feeling that I accidentally opened a door that I thought was to a closet only to find out it's to an undiscovered room with floor to ceiling windows. I now feel focused in an exciting new way, and I'm eager to see what comes from it.